Branson Missouri

5 Surprising Facts About Branson, Missouri

Branson is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, and for good reason! Because it’s so popular, we bet you’ve heard quite a bit about it — like how it’s within a day’s drive of one-third of America’s population or welcomes more than 9 million visitors each year. However, we bet there are still some things you haven’t learned about Branson yet, and we’re here to share them with you! Here are 5 surprising facts about Branson, Missouri:

1. Branson almost got a different name.

Branson is named after its first post office. Local businessman and postmaster Ruben S. Branson opened a general store in 1882, and there was a post office in his store with the name “Branson.” However, the town’s name was almost changed to Lucia in 1901 when the post office was renamed. Luckily the post office was renamed back to Branson in 1904, and the adjoining communities were finally incorporated as Branson in 1912.

2. It has more theater seats than Broadway.

Dolly Parton's Stampede in Branson

We’re sure you already knew that Branson is home to some incredible shows, but did you know that the town has more theater seats in it than Broadway? Of course, one of those incredible theaters is Dolly Parton’s Stampede! Our 35,000 square foot arena is home to a high-spirited dinner show that features trick riding, aerial performances, musical productions, and a delicious four-course feast. If you want to grab a seat in our theater, be sure to get your tickets online!

3. There are endless outdoor experiences.

Branson is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, so we know you’re not surprised that there is plenty of outdoor fun. But hiking and enjoying the mountain scenery aren’t the only outdoor excitement you can experience in Branson! We recommend spending time enjoying the water while you’re in town. Rent a boat and spend an afternoon out on the lake, go kayaking, try jet skiing for the first time, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try cliff diving!

4. Table Rock Lake offers almost as much shoreline as the entire coast of California.

Table Rock Lake

Speaking of water activities, did you know that Table Rock Lake offers almost as much shoreline as the entire coast of California? This is the largest lake in Missouri. If you love fishing, this is the place to go! It has great trout fishing opportunities all year long and is one of the top bass fishing lakes in the country.

5. It’s home to the world’s largest rooster.

Another one of our favorite facts about Branson, Missouri is that it’s home to the world’s largest rooster! Yes, just a short drive down the road from Dolly Parton’s Stampede, you’ll be introduced to the largest rooster in the world. This 43-foot-tall fiberglass rooster wears a star-spangled vest, a bowtie, and an American flag lapel pin. Be sure to snap a picture of it on your way to our show!

Now that you know all of these surprising facts about Branson, Missouri, we bet you can’t wait to start planning a trip to this popular city. The first step in planning should be to take a look at our show schedule so you guarantee you won’t miss out on our incredible dinner attraction while you’re in town!