aerial view of the ozark mountains

Things You’ll Only Find in the Ozark Mountain Region

Branson, MO is located in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. This popular vacation destination offers special experiences for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re hoping to go to a family-friendly attraction or explore the outdoors, you can do it all. To help you discover some unique Branson activities, we’ve made a list of things you’ll only find in the Ozark Mountain region:

Horse Stunts and Lumberjacks at Dolly Parton’s Stampede

trick rider about to go through the ring of fire

There’s no other place around where you can take a trip back to the Wild West and watch incredible horse riding stunts, along with an entertaining lumberjack competition all in the same night! Dolly Parton’s Stampede in Branson offers all of this and more. You’ll get to see mesmerizing stunts from 32 magnificent horses and a cast of talented trick riders, as well as lumberjacks competing in an exhilarating four-event relay. One of guests’ favorite parts of the show includes the Roman Ride of Fire, during which a trick rider stands atop two horses, and together they perform a series of fast-paced maneuvers before leaping through a ring of fire. You’ll also love watching our lumberjacks climb, chop, saw, and log roll through an exciting competition. While you watch the horse stunts and lumberjack competition at Dolly Parton’s Stampede, you’ll get to enjoy a four-course feast! Your experience at our Branson dinner show is something you won’t be able to recreate anywhere else.

Incredible Trout Fishing Opportunities

The Ozark Mountain region is known for its amazing fishing opportunities, and Branson is no exception. Branson is especially popular for trout fishing. Lake Taneycomo is the perfect place to go to catch this type of fish. It’s stocked with approximately 750,000 rainbow and brown trout each year. The best way to catch trout in this lake is by drifting salmon eggs or angleworms. Not only is Lake Taneycomo the most popular spot in Branson for trout fishing, it’s considered one of the best trout streams in the country! You’ll love getting the opportunity to fish in this spot.

Branson Landing Fountain Show

fountains at Branson Landing

Another thing you can only find in the Ozark Mountain region is the Branson Landing Fountain Show! This incredible show combines towers of water with fire, lights, and music for an unforgettable performance. Air and fire canyons, music, and light are choreographed together to grab the attention of anyone visiting Branson Landing. The best part is that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the fountain show. The schedule can vary throughout the year, but it often takes place at the top of the hour from noon through 10 p.m. While you’re at Branson Landing, you can take in the scenic lake views, go shopping, or grab a bite to eat.

Branson Scenic Railway

Looking for another unique adventure that will allow you to take in the beautiful views in the Ozark Mountain region? Visit the Branson Scenic Railway! The passenger train offers views you won’t be able to see from any other means of transportation. Along the journey, you’ll get to listen to a lively narration that points out the landmarks and describes the wildlife and landscape. You can also get up and explore the train as it’s moving! The Branson Scenic Railway is a great way to take in the area around you and appreciate its beauty.

Now that you know more about the things you can only find in the Ozark Mountain Region, we bet you can’t wait to start planning your visit! To learn more about what you should do while you’re here, take a look at these things to do in Branson for first-time visitors.